Powder for basal hair volume – rating of the best products according to reviews

Powder for basal hair volume is an economical in consumption and an effective means for giving curls to curls. The styler jar fits in a small female handbag and helps the wearer in situations when you need to quickly fix your hair and look like as if you had just visited a beauty salon. Read our article to find out the rating of the best products that we have formed on the basis of customer feedback.

What is the remedy for?

The uniqueness of the cosmetic novelty lies in the fact that it performs the functions of a dry shampoo, a mousse for fixing and a spray for creating a texture. Packaging is usually a small jar with a doser like a salt shaker. Thanks to this format, the tool is spent economically. Most powders include water, glycerin, natural oils, viscose and antioxidants. Therefore, the styler not only creates basal volume, but also cares for curls, protects them from the weather and neutralizes excess sebum.

Powder for basal hair volume – a real magic wand for those who love luxurious hairstyles such as babette, voluminous braids and horse tails. It is useful to owners of short haircuts, to highlight the individual curls and make the hair bigger. You just need to lift the roots of the curls, divide the strands, powder their base and massage the head. Shake off any excess.

Styling powder overview

We present you the ranking of the best products according to reviews of girls who actively use the tool.

Tecni.Art Super Dust by Loreal

Mineral powder from the giant of the cosmetic industry gives an instant effect of fluffy and clean hair, it is easily distributed and does not leave marks on clothes. Tones the scalp, absorbs excess fat and is ideal for creating voluminous hairstyles, firmly fixing the hair and not gluing curls.

Tecni.Art Super Dust Loreal
Matrix Height Riser

Matrix specializes in the production of professional products for the beauty industry. Height Riser powder has no fragrances and instantly gives mega-volume hair. Does not create a dry "veil", quickly washed off and does not spoil the hair with frequent use. There is no need to lay curls, after “driving” means under the roots, they take an ideal shape.

Height Riser Matrix
Four Seasons from Duster

This tool is incredibly popular among professional stylists. A cheerful jar with a light green lid attracts attention. Inside is a lightweight powder designed to highlight large strands. It has a strong degree of fixation. It is badly washed off from hands, but because of it the volume of a hairdress long holds.

Four seasons duster
Pure Abundance Hair Potion by Aveda

An unusual tool in the form of a powder-lotion that cools the scalp when used. It has a slight degree of fixation, will not work for girls with thick and heavy hair, but will be the ideal solution for owners of dry, thin curls. Increases their thickness by 17%. There is a nuance in the application – the bottle can not be shaken, otherwise the granules of the product will burst, and wax will spill out of them, which will stick the hair.

Pure Abundance Hair Potion Aveda
Indola Volumising Powder

Budget styler from Germany. Suitable for women and men, gives impressive basal volume and mattes. Keeps her hair throughout the day and has a light, pleasant scent. The tool has proven itself on the thin curls, but it is important not to overdo it with the amount.

Volumising Powder Indola
OSIS + Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf Professional

The products of the OSIS line suit customers with a price-performance ratio, and this powder is no exception. It is sold in almost every store of professional cosmetics, gives the hair texture and the expected volume, but is more suitable for focusing on small strands. Matts the roots and gives the hair freshness. Consumed extremely economically, when used 2-3 times a week, the bottle will last for a year.

OSIS + Mattifying Powder Schwarzkopf Professional
Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator by Davines

100% natural texturing product and volume. Consists of the particles of a coconut shell ground in the dust and a bamboo stalk. Apply to the root zone or along the entire length of the strand, depending on the purpose. Not afraid of high humidity and rain. Masks excess fat. When using the individual hairs do not stick to each other, between them there is a free space, due to which the effect of fluffiness is achieved.

Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Davines
V.I.P. Volume In Powder by Kerastase

Tool with the effect of "bouffant". Suitable for creating bold, incredible voluminous hairstyles that last 24 hours. Does not leave marks on clothes, protects from moisture and refreshes the root zone. The product is well proven on thin, weak hair. This is the perfect styler to extend the life of a salon styling with a pleasant, non-suffocating scent. The release format is spray, which after application is transformed into weightless powder.

V.I.P. Volume In Powder Kerastase
Powder.Puff by Kevin.Murphy

The tool is based on fruit extracts suitable for the creation of careless styling, curls "surfer's girlfriend" and give a fresh hairstyle. The airy texture does not seal the hair, does not glue and does not weight them. Ideal for summer use.

Powder.Puff Kevin.Murphy
Powder Grip 03 by Redken

The product of the American brand is widely known throughout the world. It has an average degree of fixation, gives a matte finish, gives hair density without weighting. It “works” well both on curls and on straight strands.

Powder Grip 03 Redken
Ollin's Style Root Volumizing Powder

The rating of the best powder for basal hair volume would be incomplete without mentioning this styler of Russian make-up. Professional product is easy to use. It instantly tightens the hair and mattes them, without changing the natural color. Controls the secretion of sebum and gives the hair a well-groomed appearance.

Style Root Volumizing Powder Ollin

We hope that our article was useful for girls who are in search of the perfect medium for the volume and structuring of the strands. Choosing one of the products mentioned in our rating, you definitely will not be disappointed.

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