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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that it is too early to say whether he will leave politics in 2024 after the end of his fourth term in office.

He said this in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Kremlin website reports.

“It’s too early to talk about it. There are still five years of hard work ahead. And with such a fast-moving dynamic that we are seeing in the world today, it’s hard to make predictions,” Putin said.

According to him, he now "has something to do, in the capacity in which he is."

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When asked why he hardly manages to implement his plans for the development of the country, when there is almost no opposition in the Russian Federation, Putin replied that it was “in the economic realities that Russia has to face.”

"Namely, the fall or fluctuation of prices on international markets for traditional goods of our exports: oil, gas, metal. Of course, there is the influence of external restraints," the Russian president said.

At the same time, he is convinced that "relying on the energy, freedom, and initiative of citizens," he will surely achieve his goals.

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