Razer closes projects of its Android consoles | GoGetNews news

It seems that the current boom of gaming smartphones is the last attempt to bring full-fledged games on Android, since consoles on this OS have found their place only as multimedia, but not gaming devices. And now Razer is driving another nail into the coffin lid of these devices.

The company closes the services associated with the Ouya, Razer Forge TV and Mad Catz MOJO consoles. It is reported that the game stores will close on June 25. As for the reasons, they are banal. On Ouya and other consoles there were no interesting and breakthrough projects, which was the cause of the collapse.

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After deadline, user accounts will be deleted. But it will be possible to play only in the fact that the owners of the consoles have bought up to this point and saved it in the device’s memory. As for the games that require confirmation of the purchase at startup, they will have to say goodbye to them.

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