Red pedicure – fashionable design ideas with photos

Red pedicure is a fashionable and win-win version, a classic that never loses its relevance. In this article we will tell you how to beat your favorite color on the toes to look irresistible and stylish.


You can not choose what color nails stay? Make a solid red pedicure. Fashion magazines call it one of the trend colors of the year and advise you not to forget that you need to be able to combine it with shoes of a similar range. Open scarlet sandals suggest that the color of the varnish on your legs should be 2 tones lighter or darker than the material of the shoe.

classic – monophonic pedicure


Matte top has become fashionable for a long time, but professionals believe that it is better to “save” it for the autumn-winter period. Velvet coating is easily damaged by mechanical action. Closed shoes protect your feet from scratches. Matte finish is combined with rhinestones, sparkles and other iridescent décor. This image is for any occasion, it is suitable to come out and enjoy yourself.

Matte nail design with an emphasis on the thumb


Perfectly processed feet in combination with a gradient red shade is a juicy and bright version that meets the latest trends in the fashion world. Ombre technique involves the gradual lightening of the tips of the nails into several tones. Interesting combinations of scarlet, smoothly turning into berry, rusty, garnet. You can start with black at the cuticle and smoothly go to the poppy at the tips.

gradient – transition from red to black

Sequined or foil

This trendy design idea that season does not lose ground. Scarlet in combination with gold or silver foil is suitable for any skin tone, it looks unusual and attractive. Glittering nails are charming and refined.




Red is a set of shades from coral and cranberry to "cardinal" and amaranth. You can not decide on what to stop the choice? Make multi-colored nails. This is a perky option for confident and fun girls. Remember that colors should replace each other smoothly, not go from cold to warm and not have different subtones. Only then the pedicure will be relevant.

shades of red


Strong proportional lines in combination with red – minimalism and refinement. Strips and triangles look great on well-groomed nails, emphasize the immaculate taste of the girl and accentuate attention on the fingers. Choose a black, white or silver tone ornament to beat the elegant beauty of the pattern.

simple geometric print

With flowers

Spring-summer way to emphasize the beauty of toenails. It turns out feminine and romantic image that can be realized with the help of sliders or a master professional. White flowers on a poppy background look especially elegant.

white bulk flowers

flowers in the style of minimalism

flower pattern

lines and flowers

Animal print

Who said that the skin of a leopard has a sandy undertone, and a zebra is black and white? There are no such rules in pedicure. Animal prints in cherry tomato color are a fashionable solution for self-confident ladies. On well-groomed fingers, they will never look vulgar and old-fashioned. To make a pattern yourself, trust the stencil or sliders. Such a pedicure does not tolerate negligence.

animal themes

With kamifubuki

Kamifubuki – cheerful, iridescent rainbow decor in the form of hearts, circles or stars. Kamifubuki on the thumb will help to add a zest to the nails. This pedicure looks appropriate in the city and the sea.

confetti pattern

chaotic arrangement of confetti

With rhinestones

A path made of rhinestones along the edge of the cuticle of the big toe is a fashionable idea for the design of a red pedicure. It looks unusual and rich, but not cheap. For urban environments it is better to use silver or gold rhinestones. At sea, you can experiment. Blue, yellow and green crystals are perfectly combined with scarlet.

jacket with rhinestones

straziki in a row

rhinestones cross

rhinestones and patterns

A color scheme

Initially, the idea to single out one or two toes and hands with a lacquer tone different from the main one belonged to Feng Shui adepts. So they "pulled" into life the energy of the universe, luck and wealth. Now it is a popular way to do an unusual pedicure or manicure and attract the attention of others to well-groomed fingers. Scarlet loves the neighborhood with white and emerald. This option looks bold and catchy. A more relaxed, even pedicure is obtained by highlighting one of the nails with shades of coral or rose.

colorful pedicure


Lines and curls on a red background resemble a frosty pattern on the windows. Suitable for creating a festive, New Year's pedicure. It takes only your imagination. White or cream ornate lines in combination with silver on scarlet background look gorgeous.

beautiful white pattern


Red pedicure with a white French "smile" will never go out of style. It is often supplemented with rhinestones in the line of the cuticle.

red and white jacket

red jacket with rhinestones

Negative space

Negative space – a technique in which part of the nail remains uncovered color. It is fixed only with a transparent top. Add a little glitter to your poppy negative space and shine at beach parties or at home in front of your boyfriend.

in the style of negative space

With holes

Triangular or elongated holes in the cuticle area combined with a scarlet shade look fresh and stylish. This megastil solution will add originality to the image, if you add it with sparkles or rhinestones.

moon pedicure

We hope that our review of fashionable pedicure designs in red interested you. Choose one of the options to hit the surrounding beauty!


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