Redmi Smartphone on Snapdragon 855 platform will receive Headphone Jack

(It’s rumored that Redmi 855 should look like this. But there will be no retractable frontal camera in this model.)

The Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone built on the Snapdragon 855 platform does not have a headphone jack, but the next generation model will definitely be. But at the top of the Redmi smartphone on the same SoC standard headphone jack will be the first.

This was announced in the social network Weibo head of the Redmi brand Liu Weibing. He, in particular, responded positively to the question of one of the users, whether the Redmi 855 (such a symbol of the model) is the usual headphone jack.

Unfortunately, the flagships of the latest generation do not pamper users with the ability to simultaneously connect the headphones and charge the smartphone – this can only be turned off with the Huawei P30 (but not P30 Pro). So that one advantage in Redmi 855, in comparison with analogues, will be more.

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