Refusing alcohol will make life happy. ”GoGetNews News

For many of us, drinking alcohol is associated with an increase in mood, albeit a short-term one. It turns out that the level of happiness rises much stronger among those who adhere to absolute sobriety.

Sleep quality is enhanced. The use of alcoholic beverages violates circadian rhythms and negatively affects the so-called fast sleep, during which we see dreams. Namely, this dream is important for getting rid of fatigue to restore brain functions.

Shining skin. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, which causes skin cells to lose their moisture. Refuse from alcoholic beverages, and the skin quality will increase.

Sociability. If for the normal communication with different people, you definitely need alcohol, then a complete rejection of it will bring more benefits than harm. It will improve the degree of sociability with your friends and will increase self-confidence.

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Sports performance. Alcohol adversely affects moisture levels, motor skills, and even muscle recovery. Avoiding alcohol allows you to achieve the desired composition of the body and increase the amount of muscle mass.

Energy level Alcohol consumption affects the body's vitamin B stores. This vitamin is important for maintaining energy performance; avoiding alcohol increases the level of vitamin B, which makes us more energetic.

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