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Russian gas exports to Europe in August this year may decrease by 10%. This writes Kommersant.

The publication notes that deliveries for the first six days of August demonstrate that it will be almost impossible to avoid a decline in exports this month.

According to Gazprom, on average, since the beginning of this month, 465 million cubic meters per day have been delivered to Europe (excluding supplies via the Blue Stream gas pipeline to Turkey). This is approximately at the level of July, but more than 22% lower than in August 2018, and almost 12% lower than in August 2017.

"This is due to the fact that last year Gazprom set a record for exports in August (16.2 billion cubic meters), as European consumers were in a hurry to fill gas storages after the cold spring," the publication explained.

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But this year, according to Entsog (European Network of Gas Transmission System Operators – Ed.), European gas storages are 84% full, up 3 percentage points. lower than the high of last year, reached by early November.

Therefore, the rate of injection into UGS facilities is declining, despite the fact that storing gas under the prevailing very low prices in Europe has become profitable.

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