Samsung Galaxy A80 will definitely Please the Owners of Productivity

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A80 hit the base Geekbench, which allows you to find out more about this device.

To begin with, clarify that there is an opinion that the Galaxy A80 and the Galaxy A90 are the same model under different names, but this seems rather strange.

In any case, the Galaxy A80 will receive 8 GB of RAM and SoC Snapdragon 6150. There is no such single-chip system in the Qualcomm range at this time. It is believed that it will replace the Snapdragon 675, but there is a version that the Snapdragon 6150 is the Snapdragon 675.

In any case, as can be seen from the points, the Galaxy A80 platform is very productive, as it suits its status, even if the Galaxy A90 will stand at a higher level.

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