Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone needs to be upgraded for the first time

Journalists and bloggers all over the world began to receive their Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones this week and record videos with first impressions.

As it became known, immediately after unpacking and first turning on the smartphone you will be offered to install a mandatory update. This information was confirmed by representatives of Samsung.

Users also confirm that the folding smartphone really got a new firmware under the number F900FXXU1ASD4, but what exactly it fixes or improves, the developers have not reported. However, the release of startup updates is a normal practice for the smartphone industry. This indicates that the team of engineers continues to work on improving the capabilities of the device and after the final version is sent for production.

The smartphone will be offered at a recommended retail price of $ 1980. That is, the device will be able to afford very little, especially since Samsung does not promise to fill the smartphones stores. For a year, the manufacturer plans to sell about a million smartphones.

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