Samsung officially discontinues the production of Some Smartphones

The South Korean corporation Samsung officially announced that the rumors have been going for several months. For this, the brand has released a special video, but it is in its framework that the brand is stopping the production of smartphones from the line Galaxy J, which previously included budget models of phones. Now all entry-level mobile devices will be part of the Galaxy A lineup, under which only medium-sized phones were previously released.


Since the beginning of this year, Samsung has already introduced to the public as many as seven smartphones from this line, and to be exact, the Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 and A70. All of them are already sold in many countries around the world, and very soon, that is, in the coming months, buyers will have the opportunity to buy models Galaxy A60, A80 and A90, which should become the flagships within its line. The South Korean corporation itself does not specify why it decided to combine the two model lines into one, getting rid of the old one.
It’s worth noting that in Europe and many other regions, the phones from the Galaxy J line have been the most popular, so the rejection of this range may adversely affect sales, or vice versa, to encourage people to buy more expensive and interesting in all aspects of the model. However, according to some buyers, it is now very easy to get confused with Samsung smartphones, as the Galaxy A line has only included mid-range phones, and now it has become much more diverse.


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