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In June, a number of Samsung smartphones are expecting a monthly security update for Android. As a rule, apart from the patches of the “holes”, nothing new is brought in by the firmware, but this time the Galaxy S9 smartphones will receive a significant improvement in the camera.

According to the portal Sammobile, last year's flagship Galaxy S9 will receive a night mode for the camera from the Galaxy S10, which will allow you to take better photos in low light conditions. According to the manufacturer, the mode will work as well as on the new flagship Galaxy S10. Now pictures on the S9 at night suffer from strong noise and the wrong level of brightness.

On the test firmware, the pictures are warmer and more saturated. In some places, the resulting photos are obtained at the level of the Galaxy S10, that users cannot even distinguish the difference. An upgrade with improved night mode will come out gradually. At the moment it is available to residents of Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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It is worth noting that the policy of Samsung to improve the old mobile devices is not the first time. Last year, the AR Emoji and Super Slow-mo features from the Galaxy S9 were integrated into older flagships, as well as into the budget segment devices.

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