Scientists have created an electronic lens that surpasses the human eye

Using the latest developments in the field of technology of artificial muscles and flat lenses, a team of researchers from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. John A. Paulson at Harvard University (SEAS) has created a new electronic lens, which in many ways resembles the human eye.

It is able to focus in real time thanks to artificial muscles and has little in common with traditional spherical lenses. Moreover, this invention can do things that the human eye cannot handle, for example, correcting astigmatism and image displacement, two factors that lead to a loss of the ability to see clearly.

Such metalens use nanoparticles to focus the image. They can focus the entire spectrum of visible light at one point. Conventional lenses, by contrast, use several elements to achieve the same effect, so they are so bulky. Previously, researchers at SEAS were able to create a tiny metal. Their latest invention turned out to be somewhat larger in size, but this is for the better, since now it is advisable to use the technology in various fields.

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As with any new technology, it is likely that years will pass before the metalware is found in consumer gadgets. However, their potential is huge. Along with miniature processors, they can be used in cameras of mobile devices, glasses and headsets of virtual and augmented reality.

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