Scientists have discovered the top 10 genes for schizophrenia | GoGetNews News

Scientists from the Massachusetts Central Hospital have identified 10 genes that play a key role in the development of schizophrenia. It turned out that when these sections of DNA encoding proteins that allow brain cells to communicate with each other are disrupted, this leads to an increased risk of schizophrenia. Recall that schizophrenia is a complex and differently occurring psychiatric disease in each person. Scientists hope that the determination of hereditary and external risk factors will help in the development of new methods for its treatment.

Moreover, researchers from the United States believe that their discovery is the tip of the iceberg, since, perhaps, the analysis of the genome will reveal more DNA involved in the development of schizophrenia. This disease is still very poorly raised by science, although it leads to dire consequences. Treatment of schizophrenia with drugs from the antipsychotic category can be quite effective, but after many years of use, atrophy often develops in the body. This is what makes the idea of ​​developing new drugs very relevant. In Russia alone, more than a million people can be victims of schizophrenia.

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Unfortunately, over the past 50 years, the development of drugs for schizophrenia has been rather limited. Only in the last decades has science begun to make the most important genetic discoveries that make it possible to better understand the development mechanism of this disorder. A full understanding of the genetics of schizophrenia will be sufficient motivation and the basis for the creation of new methods of therapy.

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