Scientists have found a way to stop the development of advanced cancer

A group of scientists from the Cancer Immunotherapy Institute at the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center (USA) have developed a new drug that can stop the progressive development of cancers in the last stage.

They tested the drug nivolumab (anti-PD-1), which, in their opinion, would become an indispensable tool in the fight against unresponsive treatment of melanoma, a renal cell tumor and skin cancer.

As stated in the MedicalXpress press release the day before, the researchers gathered a group of 270 patients. All these people took a new drug, as a result of which the development of cancer in the final stages was suspended, and people were given a chance to extend life to five years.

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It turned out that nivolumab acted more efficiently than chemotherapy and other methods.

Scientists cited figures in comparison: conventional therapy gives the patient a chance to increase the residence time by five percent, patients with non-small cell lung cancer – six percent. With nivolumab treatment, the chances of life extension increased by 32 percent.

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