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Austrian scientist Len Humphries and University of Sydney professor Thomas Mashmeer said that the device they developed and patented can recycle plastic that has not yet been recyclable.

It is reported by The Hill.

“We just take these materials and transfer them back to the liquids and chemicals from which they are derived,” Humphries said, adding that products can be converted to bitumen, gasoline or various types of plastic.

As noted, the so-called catalytic hydrothermal reactor (Cat-HTR) has the ability to convert recycled plastic to fuel or recycle new plastic by chemical processing, which changes the plastics at the molecular level, and then turns them back into oil.

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However, the process differs from physical processing in that it does not require the separation of plastics by type or color. According to the patented technology, everything can be processed – from milk packages to wetsuits.

A company of scientists from Licella is preparing to market its technology in the UK. Humphries explains that environmental policies are more favorable there than in Australia.

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