Scientists have named the worst gift for the New Year

What to do to keep your interest in sex? In long-term family relationships, sex is often relegated to the background, it becomes boring, obliged, monotonous. Current problems, routine, stress, habit of each other can lead not only to the absence of sex in family life, but also destroy relationships.The reason that intimacy loses its quality for married couples, in many cases, is the perception of it as a domestic process, for example, cleaning the apartment or cooking dinner.

Scientists note that many couples, after several years of family life, begin to have intimate closeness less and less, eventually presenting it to their spouse as a gift for a holiday. According to experts, such sex can cause nervousness, aggression and aversion of one of the spouses.

To prevent this from happening, family psychologists advise spouses to pay more attention and time to sex, and not allow everyday problems to influence its quality and quantity. Starting intimacy is necessary daily, try new, experiment. Also, spontaneity, an unusual atmosphere at home, will help to preserve interest in sex. Here a man and a woman need to show imagination. According to the survey, most couples consider sex as the worst gift for the holidays.

Change the situation will help to wake up the interest of spouses to intimacy. On holidays or weekends you can go to an unfamiliar place, visit another city or rent an apartment for a couple of days where no one will interfere. Such simple methods will preserve the desire and interest to each other, which will necessarily affect family relationships in general.

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year together in a romantic way, but experts advise you not to wait for the holidays, but to do them yourself every day. The same goes for gifts and surprises. Certainly, on New Year’s Eve, the Christmas tree, garlands and champagne set up a special mood, give a special mood, but on a regular weekday, spouses can also drink wine, write down goals for the future, and pay more attention to each other. The main condition is the absence of a TV and the Internet. According to the study, these two factors are the main causes of cooling spouses to each other, since they have a more negative impact on the psyche than stresses and domestic problems.



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