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Seat introduced its first electric model, the Mii electric hatchback. New built on Volkswagen e-up! and is able to pass without recharging up to 260 kilometers on the cycle WLTP.

For the first time, a Seat car will be equipped with the Seat Connect remote access function, which allows using a smartphone to obtain data on the condition of the car, find it in the parking lot, lock and unlock the doors, and also turn on the air conditioner.

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The power plant Seat Mii electric consists of an electric motor installed on the front axle, whose power is 83 hp. and 210 Nm of torque, and a traction battery with a capacity of 36.8 kilowatt-hours. A lithium-ion battery maintains a charging power of 40 kilowatts and fills up to 80 percent in exactly one hour. Acceleration from 0 to urban 50 km / h takes 3.9 seconds from the hatchback, and its maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour.

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