Serbia led the army into full combat readiness due to the detention of Serbs in Kosovo

Serbian authorities put their armed forces on full alert after reports that Kosovo police had entered Serb-populated areas of Kosovo.

The corresponding order was given by the Serbian President Alexander Vucic, reports the Associated Press.

State television in Serbia reported on Tuesday that the special police of Kosovo “broke into” northern Kosovo and made several arrests.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, said that “an operation to combat smuggling and organized crime” is underway in the northern part of Kosovo.

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The official representative of the Serbian government, Marko Djurić, said that the actions of the Kosovo police are aimed at intimidating and expelling Serbs from Kosovo and represent not only a threat to stability, but also a direct threat to peace.

Serbia lost control of Kosovo after NATO intervened in 1999. Belgrade does not recognize the 2008 Declaration of Independence for Kosovo.

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