Sharp weight fluctuations in the elderly are recognized as a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Sharp changes in body weight in older people may indicate dangerous diseases. This was stated by researchers from South Korea who studied the prevalence of dementia.

Obesity has long been one of the main threats to the health of modern man. This is facilitated by poor diet and lack of physical activity. At the same time, overweight is recognized by world medicine as a probable “trigger” for neurological disorders. However, sharp drops in weight are no less a threat to health, South Korean scientists are sure. In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases of the nervous system, and cognitive disorders and brain lesions, it is important to first of all lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

With a rapid loss or, on the contrary, an increase in body weight in old age, it is necessary to be examined in order to diagnose in time the possible risks of dementia. These were the findings of the study of almost 67 thousand patients aged 60-80 years.

For several years, scientists have studied BMI (body mass index) and compared it with the incidence of dementia for five years. At the same time, jumps in the BMI of 10% by 20% increased the likelihood of developing various forms of dementia. In this case, to such problems leads to an increase in body weight, and a sharp weight loss.

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Thus, it is precisely the significant fluctuations in weight that can be considered a symptom, which makes it possible at early stages to determine the ailment arising. To avoid potential threats will help sports and an active lifestyle, as well as the rejection of bad habits. It is important to monitor the state of health, avoiding sudden changes in weight.

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