Should I trust Pharmacy Medicines?

Many modern people, as soon as they feel unwell, immediately run to the pharmacy to buy medicines. There they ask the pharmacist to sell some medicine, for example, for a cold. However, few people know that even such a simple illness has three types, each with its own symptoms. And for each you need a specific medicine. A pharmacist, as a rule, does not ask about the symptoms, but sells the medicine more expensive.

In addition, many Russians buy drugs, watching advertising on TV. According to statistics, 30% of Russians unconditionally trust advertising. However, in reality, such drugs are not always effective.

Therefore, experts advise to go first not to the pharmacy, but to the doctor. And after consulting with a specialist, you need to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Knowing exactly what you need, you can choose a suitable drug on a specialized website, for example, here

Moreover, as practice shows, the effectiveness of the drug very often does not depend on its cost. Often, expensive medicine does not help, and an effective medicine can cost a penny. After all, it is not the drug that treats as a whole, but the active substance contained in it. And the cost of such a substance may be only 5% of the real cost of the drug. Often the high price is for the brand, advertising and packaging.

If the drug is not vital, then the state does not control the price of it. Therefore, prices in pharmacies are significantly different. For example, aspirin can be bought for both 50 rubles and 250. Prices for paracetamol range from 5 to 450 rubles. And Ambroxol, the real cost of which is 18 rubles, is sold in pharmacies for 350 rubles.

Entrepreneurs are guided by market relations and consider this: who can afford, he will buy.

Also, many people do not know that, according to Russian law, medicines should be given free of charge to people with disabilities, pregnant women and children up to three years old. For these categories of citizens, 250 drug names are provided, including anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and antihistamine drugs.

In order to get free drugs, you need to take a prescription with a stamp and signature from the doctor and present it in a special pharmacy that releases free medicines. By law, prescription drugs must be issued within ten days.

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