Skype learned to cry on smartphones

Microsoft plans to allow Skype users to display mobile phone screens during calls, as it is now implemented on the cascading version. Now the manufacturer has begun testing new Skype applications for Android and iOS that include the function of screen sharing. Microsoft predicts that Skype users can use innovations to share PowerPoint presentations, view programs, or shop online with friends, says  Today  .

In order to evaluate the new features of the mobile version of Skype, you need to be a member of the Skype Insider beta testing program – you can become a member at this address. Now the feature is only available on Android, and will be added later in the iOS version.

When Microsoft plans to include a new option for all users who use mobile Skype, it is unknown. However, given that the new feature for group video chat with 50 participants was in beta for less than a month, there is a chance that this will happen very soon.

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