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The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has developed a unique technology for smartphones called MeshTalk, which will allow you to abandon the usual 3G / 4G networks and cellular communications. The company's development allows you to communicate by voice and send text messages in instant messengers without the use of Wi-Fi and mobile cellular stations.

The technology is based on the principle of the radio: a repeater built into each smartphone with a radius of 3 km. If another MeshTalk smartphone appears within a radius, the coverage area increases. Oppo claims that this technology is relatively economical: with the communication module turned on, the smartphone stays on standby for up to three days. Also, this method of data transfer is safe, since the exchange takes place directly from the device to the device.

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According to representatives of Oppo, MeshTalk can be used where cellular communication and mobile Internet are not available, as well as for confidential communication of subscribers. Now the technology works exclusively on Oppo smartphones, but when it is launched at least in test mode, it has not yet been reported.

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