Sony may release a PlayStation 4 Super Slim in the fall

At one time, Sony released the PS3 Super Slim, marking the end of the life cycle of the third iteration of its main console. Of course, for some time it was still sold, but it was only a way to prolong its existence. Now, according to rumors, the same thing can happen with the PS4.It is expected that in September – October of this year PS4 Super Slim will be announced. As in the case of the “troika”, the console will decrease in size, as well as cost. It is assumed that the new product will be released for the New Year and Christmas holidays, and its value will not exceed 200 euros.

In addition to external changes are expected and internal. PS4 Super Slim will receive a processor made according to the 7-nanometer process technology (with the Slim version – 16 nanometers). It is also known that the crystal area will be 110 mm². And this is all that can surprise a leak.


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