Teresa May asked Donald Tusk to postpone Brexit until June 30


British Prime Minister Theresa May in a letter to the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, asked for a postponement of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union until June 30.The letter explains that both the government and the Parliament of Great Britain are opposed to withdrawing from the EU without an agreement, but have not yet reached a consensus on the conditions of Brexit. Without delay, the UK will have to leave the EU without an agreement already on April 12.

May also said that she would try to reach an agreement with the parliament before May 23 so that the UK would not participate in the elections to the European Parliament, but would otherwise be ready to hold elections.

According to The Guardian, Tusk, in turn, intends to invite EU leaders to give the UK government a year to ratify the Brexit agreement in parliament until April 10, 2020. If the deal is approved earlier, Brexit will be held ahead of time. According to the head of the European Council, this is the “only reasonable measure” that will allow Europe not to give Britain a respite every few weeks.


For the third time, the British Parliament rejected the agreement on withdrawal from the EU. The country faces Brexit without any conditions in two weeks.



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