Tesla has 10 months money left. GoGetNews news

At the current level of spending, Tesla’s cash inventory will end after 10 months. In this regard, CEO Ilon Mask and the new head of the financial service will take steps to reduce costs.

The Electrek publication reports that Musk sent out a letter to all employees asking them to be extremely attentive to the company's expenses. He recommends checking each write-off: payroll, parts, travel expenses, and so on. Also, a top manager said that now cash reserves amount to $ 2.2 billion, and at current expenses they will be exhausted after 10 months.

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This is not the first case associated with the bankruptcy of "Tesla". In 2017, Bloomberg calculated that the company spends money at a speed of 8 thousand dollars per minute. If the trend continued, the automaker had completely exhausted the stock of funds by August 6, 2018.

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