The best gentle tones for manicure on short nails

Gentle, nude tones of varnish are always in trend. They are universal, suitable for french, wedding, everyday and classic office manicure. In this article, we will introduce you to the best ideas for designing short nails using light, delicate coatings.

Choose beautiful shade


Base popular color. As a rule, in nail salons it is presented in a wide palette. There are such interesting shades as the color of the angel wing, water lily, pink puff, frizzy bride, lilac chalk, crayfish soup and even evening sand. Choosing a delicate pink manicure, you will always look your best.


Beige is a classic. How to understand which tone suits you? We advise pale-skinned girls a cold palette, warm dark-skinned girls. If you plan to bask in the sun on vacation, in any case choose cream beige from the entire gamut, it perfectly complements the tan. Beige has many shades, it can go green with an olive tint, brown, lilac with a gloss effect, orange.


Shades of a noble tree look great on the nails of girls with dark skin. The palette includes pistachio, golden wood, light khaki. With this gamut you can bring classic nail art to life.


One of the favorite summer shades. Combination color consisting of notes of pink, beige and orange. Romantic, dreamy people choose him. Peach varieties – light apricot, almond cream, caramel blush, nougat, salmon, papaya punch. Agree, it sounds like you want to try to implement this delicate design?


This tone has many shades, some “go” in pink, others in milky, creamy and even gray. Cream manicure – airy, soft, romantic, elegant. He gives the girl a romantic and reverent.

cream with butterfly

cream with a bird

Panton's world palette has 119 shades of blue, among them an airy-heavenly, menthol note, a glass dome and a glacier. Expand the idea of ​​its diversity, choosing the color of a manicure that will advantageously shade your eyes.


Yellow is not always bright and juicy. The colors of almond oil, corn husk, banana crepe, straw, dry moss and French vanilla also refer to its variations. Delicate yellow nail art is a great idea for the summer.


Design options


French will help to emphasize the natural beauty of nails. Fill the main plane of the nail with a transparent base, and smile with a touch of peach, cream ice cream, young wheat, cream, classic beige. With such a manicure, you can both in the office, and on holiday, and on vacation.

minimalist floral print jacket

french with white lace

You can not decide on the choice of the main tone for the nail plate? We advise you to make a multi-colored manicure. You can combine several shades of the base color, for example:

    peach, almond, cream blush, apricot ice;
    light gray, pearl, gray green, steel;
    white-lilac, creamy pink, smoky rose, pink parfait.

multi-colored monophonic

multicolored with gradient and pattern
With a brilliant accent

The nail art option looks interesting, when all the nails, except for the plates on the ring finger and little finger, are painted in one tone, and shiny two are superimposed on the above two. Silver is suitable for cold delicate shades, gold for warm shades. It is not necessary to cover the entire nail with sparkles, you can make a stretch of color.

with sparkles

The basic nude colors of the varnish perfectly combine the simplest geometric patterns, made with clear, thin black lines. Beauty is simplicity – complement the design with triangles, squares, vertical and horizontal stripes.

With rhinestones

A great option for a wedding celebration. Rhinestones "live" not for long, but in honor of an important event you can treat yourself with a spectacular manicure. Brilliant beads decorate the middle and edge of the nail plate, lay out the hole or complement the patterns. Rhinestones are appropriate on any delicate shade – cream, sand, beige, delicate pink.

With foil

A gentle manicure for short nails with foil is a fairly new trend in the nail industry. The material requires accuracy of execution and a competent approach. It goes well with nude shades of foil with the effect of broken glass. This is an ideal design for short almond-shaped nails. It is enough to decorate with a silver imprint of 1-2 nails.


Kamifibuki is a kind of dense foil. The shape of the sequins is square, round, oval, hearts. With kamifibuki, a simple, basic manicure turns into a real work of art. Sequins hold well on the gel polish coating. You need to fix them with the top, and the design will "live" for several weeks.


An unusual top creates the effect of coating the nail plate with fine granulated sugar. Ideally, the coating falls on a pink, peach, pale blue color.


Delicate matte manicure is short-lived, but extremely attractive. The coating should be handled carefully – wash dishes and clean gloves, protect hands from mechanical damage. This is an elegant, simple and sophisticated solution for neat young ladies.


Winter is a great time for experiments on the topic of gentle manicure for short nails. Choose a milk, beige or cream base coat, complement it with voluminous patterns a la braids on a sweater, monograms imitating a frosty ornament. Shades of drawings – pink, bright white, blue.


We hope you enjoyed our review of delicate nail polish tones and designs for short nails. This incredibly diverse palette deserves your attention.


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