The best ideas for nail design with a slider

Making the nail plate with the slider – a godsend for the master and the client. A rich assortment of clear and bright images and simplicity of work with the material allow creating a stylish and unusual manicure in a short time. In today's article we will share relevant ideas of such nail art.

What is a slider?

Slider – a pattern applied on water-based paper, or on a translucent self-adhesive film. Fixation of the ornament on the nail plate occurs after pre-wetting with water, or directly top-coated. Stickers that are attached in a dry way, you need to gently attach to the nail and walk on top of the fixer. Easy application technique allows you to save time on manicure and drawing lines and patterns. The slider gives the nail plate a well-groomed look, piquancy and refinement. He will not leave indifferent any girl, moreover, the probability of meeting the design repeat among friends is almost zero.

black and white pattern

pattern in blue

blue pattern

pink-purple manicure with floral decoration

soft pink manicure with flowers

green vegetable stickers

floral print

4 manicure ideas

Types of transfer stickers

Sliders are of two types – on a transparent and white basis. The first look good on nails covered with beige, milky or white varnish. Only on nude nail plates they look clearly and bright. Stickers on a white film are applied to any shade of varnish and look catchy. Fashionable salons each season will come up with new, topical versions of nail art. Their range is amazing:

    abstract drawings;
    heroes of cartoons and films;
    space and star theme;
    floral and floral prints;
    imitation of “animal” ornaments (zebra, leopard);
    sweets (donuts, pretzels, cakes);
    fruits and vegetables;
    accessories (crown, fan, hat);
    famous buildings (the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, the Kremlin);

bold abstraction

discreet abstract print

red lace

black lace

red manicure with mickey mouse and his girlfriend minnie

black manicure with faces of multgeroev

butterflies stickers

minimalist manicure with butterflies

fruit print

bright fruit on the nails

Manicure ideas

With the help of express stickers, you can realize the most daring design options for the nail plate. We have collected for you the best ideas for nail design with sliders.

Minimalistic decor

Small drawings, glued to a transparent substrate, look good on a white, beige, cream and translucent background. The lighter the sticker substrate, the darker the base paint should be. Small drawings decorate not the whole area of ​​the plate, but only a part of it. They complete the manicure, make it impudent. Most of the girls who prefer a modest but interesting design, I prefer to glue the pictures only for a couple of nails or to decorate the top of the nail plate.

minimalism with flowers

minimalism with birds
Tight drawing

Brave girls emphasize with the help of a bright ornament the entire area of ​​the nail. The dense image is distributed on a plate, without leaving "bald spots". To make the manicure stylish, use trendy shades of a particular season. Now at the peak of popularity is yellow, coral, peach, light pink, delicate turquoise.

bright manicure with flowers

bright manicure with ornaments
Imitation varnish

On sale there are stickers that completely imitate the lacquer coating. They look like the thinnest false nails. Before applying, they need to shape their own plate with scissors. This sticker is attached top. In this case, a manicure takes a minimum amount of time, but requires increased accuracy.

stickers with gel polish with a floral print

gel print stickers with abstract print

French manicure never loses relevance. He will always be in demand among employees of the banking and office sphere with a strict dress code from teachers. Run it yourself is hard, but expensive in the cabin. Manufacturers of accessories for nails invented special stickers, smiles for french. Now fashionable design can be repeated at home.

black jacket

red jacket

Complex geometric patterns at the peak of popularity. Thin, perfectly smooth and clear lines are difficult to paint with a brush, stickers are a real salvation for those who want to have a stylish pattern on their nails.

geometric manicure

stickers with geometric patterns

Realistic, volumetric drawings for brave ladies. They do not visually thicken the nail, look impressive and impressive. Already the second winter season, the most sought-after design is with labels of voluminous knitted braids. Interesting images with landscapes, fruits and butterflies. 3D drawings applied to cover any color.

volume wedding manicure

3D stickers with a delicate floral print
With rhinestones

Slider is a self-contained element of nail art that does not tolerate additions. If you really want to decorate the manicure with a brilliant crystal, choose small pebbles that can be placed in the center of the flower or laid on the cuticle.

minimum rhinestones

abundance of rhinestones
On short nails

For those who prefer to handle the nail plate shorter, suitable stickers with vertical images. Stripes, waves, zigzags and flowers on the legs will make the manicure elegant and refined. Interestingly, in the summer, look bright and shiny stripes, imitating a rub.

red manicure with short nails

pale yellow manicure with flowers and a pattern on short nails
For long nails

Long legs are a huge field for creativity and experiments with sliders. Embody the most daring ideas of design – make collages and stories from drawings, use french strips in combination with unusual ornaments.

stickers with yellow flowers and gold decor for long nails

white and pink manicure with gold stickers on long nails

Slider – the perfect way to do a professional manicure at home. Only an overly attentive and picky person will guess that your nail art is done with stickers, and not drawn by hand. Use the tips of our article – make a beautiful, stylish, unusual manicure.


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