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The Cabinet announced the launch of an online platform to help small and medium-sized businesses, said Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov on a Facebook page.

The Minister claims that everyone can get advice on starting a business, building effective management, digital marketing, sales, HR, implementing CRM / HR systems and other important functions and directions.

"This is not just a set of tips, but the opportunity to get help from a real consultant who deeply understands his question. Online, video. This is our mission in the framework of digital business transformation. After all, today the fastest way to grow a business is to use IT tools," wrote Fedorov.

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He listed a number of initiatives offered through the online platform:

– Developed a map of the problems of small and medium-sized businesses. Now it is being finalized by 40+ companies working with SMEs.

– We are developing a methodology for training consultants.

– We are developing an online platform.

– We are preparing the launch of the first offline consulting zone.

– We are preparing amendments to the law on public-private partnership. After all, they came up with an interesting format for scaling consulting zones throughout the country.

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