The co-founder of Facebook is demanding that Zuckerberg deprive the market monopoly. GoGetNews news

One of the creators of Facebook, Chris Hughes, demanded that the US authorities deprive the head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg of their monopoly positions in the market.

To do this, according to Hughes, you need to bring the Instagram photo sharing app and the WhatsApp messenger from Facebook control, Deutsche Welle reports.

Co-founder of the world's largest social networking site Facebook, Chris Hughes, is confident that the Federal Trade Commission made a mistake by allowing Facebook Inc. purchase instagram and whatsapp. Now, the US government should deprive the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg of monopoly positions in the market.

"The biggest mistake of the Federal Trade Commission was to allow Facebook to get Instagram and WhatsApp," said the American entrepreneur.

According to Hughes, in 2012, these new services came on the heels of Facebook, because they were developed directly for use on smartphones, and the corporation was just trying to unwind on these devices. "Mark acquired them, and the FTC approved it," said Chris Hughes, adding that the US authorities should take control of the situation.

According to Hughes, Zuckerberg actually owns 60 percent of the company's shares and therefore alone can decide how to set up Facebook algorithms, what users will see in the stream, what privacy settings they can use and which of their messages will be delivered. The head of the corporation sets the rules for what kind of statements to be considered incitement and incitement to hatred.

In addition, the head of Facebook Inc. enough resources to acquire a competitor’s company, block its activities or copy its products.

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On the eve of the next annual meeting of shareholders of Facebook, scheduled for May 30, some of them demanded that Zuckerberg resigned as chairman of the board of directors. A statement on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission noted that as a result of a number of miscalculations by management, the company had lost 40 percent of the estimated value since July 2018.

The authors of the statement blamed these losses directly on Zuckerberg, who, in their opinion, virtually solely manages the company. To optimize the work, it is proposed, among other things, to elect an independent chairman of the board of directors of Facebook instead of Mark Zuckerberg.

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