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Germany, France and Spain launched the largest defense project in Europe. On Monday, June 17, at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, a ceremony was held to sign a framework agreement for the production of a new generation air combat system, in which the defense ministers of the three countries Ursula von der Leyen, Florence Parley and Margarita Robles, as well as the President France Emmanuel Macron.

In addition, representatives of the three countries signed an agreement to analyze the feasibility of a joint defense project, under which it is planned to evaluate technical solutions and the possible cost of the new system. According to von der Lyayen, the parties thus made a "huge step forward" in implementing a new defense project.

The so-called future air combat system of the future (Future Combat Air System, FCAS) should be ready for combat use by 2040. In contrast to the European fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, it is not only about individual combat aircraft, but about the whole system, which also includes the accompanying detachments of UAVs, flagship and patrol aircraft, ground stations and satellites. The whole complex of systems must exchange data in real time. The total project cost is estimated at up to 50 billion euros.

Only for the development of the concept of Germany and France have allocated 32.5 million euros. As part of this study, by the end of 2020 it is planned to draw up a detailed plan of what will be included in the new system. The project is managed by France. Within the project, the Ministry of Defense in Paris will conclude separate agreements with the industry. In this case, it remains unclear the distribution of parts of the project between individual countries.

The future joint defense fund is designed to promote the development of new weapons systems.

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