The guy stole a bottle of ketchup in a cafe. Karma immediately overtook him

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The guy outlined his story in a letter full of remorse, and published it on Facebook. He did not expect that his petty deed would entail grave consequences.

“Dear Lacy Perkins!

A few weeks ago, I took one of your ketchup bottles from the table. For some reason, I thought it would be cool. But this is the worst I have done.

A few hours later, someone crashed into my car. Since then, luck has left me. I hope that returning two new bottles will return some of my luck and I will no longer feel guilty. Again, I am very sorry that I gave you inconvenience, for which I now pay. I am sorry".

The owner of the cafe was touched by the guy’s act, and she answered:

“To the man who returned it. You are forgiven. I hope that everything will work out for you because you have learned a lesson. "

In social networks, a dispute erupted.

Some believed that people's misfortunes are caused by their karma created in this or in a previous life. And examples from their own lives cited as evidence.

“Once I stole a glass from a bar because it had the logo of my hockey team on it. Nobody noticed. A few days later I broke it before using it. Karma".

“Once I took a newspaper to a cafe (it turned out to be a free newspaper, of which there were many). I was so nervous that I left my wallet – the worst criminal in history. ”

“I totally believe that! Whenever I try to cheat even in minor matters, I spend much more time doing them! I fully believe in karma and find this story really sweet! ”

Others were skeptical of karma.

"I did not know that many people are addicted to oriental mysticism."

“People killed, raped and so on, and did not suffer any punishment. Therefore, I doubt that his car accident was related to the theft of a bottle of ketchup. Karma or coincidence depends on your conscience. ”

There were those who shared their story:

“A few years ago I received a drink from a self-service machine and did not pay for it. I justified myself by having a terrible day, buying food, etc. A year later, I again visited this place and paid for a drink, explaining everything to the cashier. She just shook her head and said: "It's okay." But I felt guilty all year! ”

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