The huge boulder mysteriously disappeared from the reserve (and then returned)

The famous giant stone in the US National Park suddenly disappeared from its place, causing a commotion among the staff of the Prescott National Forest. The ton-weighted boulder, called “Magic Rock,” was the pride of the reserve, writes ABC NEWS.

The loss of a stone weighing a ton was discovered by one of the rangers of the reserve during a daily tour of the territory. The ranger examined the crime scene, but found nothing suspicious. Nobody could take out the stone, since this requires special permission. There were no traces of his loading or the fact that he himself drove off somewhere. But where did he disappear then?

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“Unfortunately, we are losing treasures like Magic Rock,” Sarah Clawson, a ranger, told CNN. “We hope that he will be returned to us.”

The police, who suspected the theft of a boulder, were involved in the search for the stone. Law enforcement authorities disseminated information about the theft of the stone and reminded that a fine of $ 5,000 (320 thousand rubles) or six months in prison is due.

For two weeks there was no news of the loss. Employees of the reserve have already reconciled with its loss, but they were waiting for a surprise. During the next round, the ranger again saw a stone in its place. And again, no sign of his movement.

“We are delighted that Magic Rock has returned!” Says Sarah.



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