The human shadow on the photo of the dilapidated church alarmed the photographers

The village of Hormikedo in northern Spain has been abandoned since 1959. A 36-year-old woman photographer, who asked not to be named, visited the settlement with her boyfriend in late May, the Daily Mail reports.

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Travelers hit the spot before sunset and felt a sharp drop in temperature. The pair also heard as if someone was moving quickly between the bushes. The situation seemed strange and puzzled photographers, but it never occurred to anyone that this could be paranormal.

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The travelers took several photographs and were amazed when a ghostly silhouette of a man appeared in one of the pictures of the dilapidated building of the old church.

“We have no idea where this shadow came from, and is it a shadow at all? At that time I was taking pictures, and my boyfriend was standing by with a flashlight. We could not cast a shadow in that place, ”the author of the photo noted.

After this trip, the couple visited the abandoned village again.

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During the second visit, the man ran “frost on the skin,” and when he returned home, he found cuts on his chest and back. Where did they come from, he did not know.

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"I was very frightened by the scratches on his body, but as they appeared, we did not understand," the woman added.

Since then, an old lover has visited this place again with her 20-year-old niece Mika, but they failed to recreate the same photo.

Mika does not insist on the version with the paranormal phenomenon and is ready to listen to a logical explanation for the strange picture. But he says that so far no one has provided it.

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