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King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav followed the example of the British royal family, which did not grant the royal title to Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The children of King Gustav's youngest daughter, Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill, as well as the youngest son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are no longer members of the royal house. The Royal Palace of Sweden announced this on Monday, October 7.

Five grandchildren of King Charles XVI Gustav and Queen Sylvia will no longer perform official royal duties, reports People. And although formally they will remain members of the royal family, they will not bear the official title of His / Her Royal Highness.

“His Majesty the king decided to make changes to the royal house. The purpose of the changes is to establish which of the members of the royal family will perform official duties assigned to the head of state or related to the functions of the head of state, ”the king said.

And so the three children of Princess Madeleine: Princess Leonor (5 years old), Prince Nicholas (4 years old) Princess Adrienne (1 year old) and the sons of Carl Philip: Prince Alexander (4 years old) and Prince Gabriel (2 years old), although they lose the title of Royal Highness Nevertheless, the prince and princess will retain their titles, but they will be personal titles, and their children, as well as husband or wife, will not be able to claim them.

Princess Madeleine reacted to her father’s decision on her official Instagram page: “Today, the court announced that Leonor, Nicholas and Adrienne are no longer members of the royal house. This decision has been discussed for a long time. My husband and I believe that for our children this is a great opportunity to independently build our future. ”

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The king’s son, Prince Carl Philip, also welcomed the father’s decision on his Instagram page and suggested that his sons will now also have more options for choosing a life path.

The decree of the king does not apply to Princess Estelle (7 years old) and Prince Oscar (3 years old) – the children of crown princess Victoria, the heiress of the royal throne of Sweden, and her husband, Prince Daniel. Unlike their cousins, Estelle and Oscars will continue to be part of the royal house.

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