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The Gizmodo portal shared fresh details of the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, which were revealed by an anonymous source that sent the PS5 devkit photo to the editor in June – the public saw its drawings only at the end of summer, when a patent appeared.

That is why the publication’s staff decided to publish information from an anonymous source, which usually remains “in the closet”, since it cannot be confirmed.

The PS5's working title is Prospero. This iteration of the console appeared among developers in the summer, but in 2018 there were earlier prototypes. The system is named after the main character of William Shakespeare's play The Tempest – the wizard Prospero. This is noteworthy, since Ariel and Gonzalo, the secondary heroes of the work, are also the working names of the new AMD products that are used in the new consoles.

The jump in capacity of the new consoles from the current generation will be the largest in the history of the industry. Sony and Microsoft implement ray tracing in different ways, but the anonymous words are too foggy to draw any conclusions.

Microsoft is once again making a big bet on the camera, supplying Scarlett devkits with a powerful 4K-resolution camera with a delay of 2 milliseconds (Kinect for Xbox One – from 8 to 10 ms). The PS5 uses the “old technology” camera.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be released in the fall of 2020. The key features of both consoles are similar – they are based on AMD technology, use a fast SSD-drive and hardware ray tracing.

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