The McDonald’s employee put additional nuggets on all clients for 2.5 years. In social networks, he is considered a hero

A blogger from Canada, the author of the Heart Half Full podcast, Cody Bondarchak, wrote on Twitter that while working at McDonald’s, he always put additional nuggets into the packaging for customers.

“I worked at McDonald’s for two and a half years and added the 11th nuggets to almost every 10-piece batch I sold,” the tweet says.

Bondarchak added a description of “Robin Hood of the Nuggets” to his status on Twitter, and his post at the time of publication of the news collected almost 900 thousand likes and 77 thousand reposts.

Responding to user questions, Cody said that he was collecting orders at Makavto, so it is unlikely that any of the customers immediately noticed additional nuggets. Nevertheless, the blogger hopes that the discovered surprise "caused a smile" among its customers. When asked whether McDonald's would be forced to compensate for material damage, Bondarchak replied that he really hoped for impunity, since, according to his calculations, the company owed about $ 1,600.

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Representatives of McDonalds have not yet commented on the situation.

Meanwhile, Cody is honored on the social network as a hero.

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