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According to preliminary data, the Christian Democrats from the "European People's Party" (EPP) can receive 179 mandates in the new European Parliament. And this is 42 places less than in the last election.

According to DW, the Social Democrats claim 150 seats (minus 36).

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe faction, on the contrary, will increase. Given the mandates of the party of the French President Emmanuel Macron "Republic on the march," liberals can count on 107 seats. The Greens-European Free Alliance faction will also increase to 70 seats.

Now the EPP and the Social Democrats will no longer be able to form a majority in the European Parliament. They will need the support of the liberals or the greens.

Right-wing populist parties in some countries, such as Italy or France, performed well. But in general, the outcome of the vote for them was below forecasts. In total, right-wing parties will receive about 150 mandates, but they are divided into three different factions.

The center-left coalition of Social Democrats, left-wing parties, "green" and liberals will not do anything, because it does not provide a majority. The right-wing coalition is impossible, because Christian Democrats will not make an alliance with right-wing populists and euro-skeptics.

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In many of the 28 EU countries, large centrist parties failed to maintain their positions. At the same time, there is an increase in liberals, greens, and right-wing parties. Analysts in Brussels talk about increased fragmentation of the European Parliament. It seems that the only option is a coalition of two leading factions of the European Parliament – Christian Democrats and Social Democrats – with liberals and "green".

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