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The Sotheby's auction house will hold auctions in August in Monterey, which will sell the only surviving copy of the very first Porsche Type 64. The car was built in 1939 by order of Volkswagen for the Berlin-Rome race that did not take place on the Bug KdF -Wagen. According to preliminary estimates, the price of this car could reach $ 20 million.

Porsche Type 64 retained the transmission, engine and suspension donor KdF-Wagen, but received a completely new body of aircraft-grade aluminum with aerodynamic lining of the wheels. The power of the opposed Quartet was increased from 24 to 32 hp. After the official declaration of war, the only assembled instance of the Type 64 became the property of the German Labor Front, and the project was abandoned.

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After that, Ferry Porsche built two more copies: the assembly of the first one ended in December 1939, and the second was ready in June 1940. For the car number 3 used the chassis of the first Type 64, which was seriously injured in the accident. The “third” became the personal machine of the Porsche family and was even able to survive the war.

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