The price of metropolitan real estate continues to fall

Accommodation in Moscow may become more accessible. Since 2020, analysts predict a fall in property prices by almost 40%. Now the price of apartments in Moscow is higher than the forks in Europe.

Therefore, the demand for metropolitan real estate over the past few years has fallen significantly. And despite the strengthening of the ruble, people are in no hurry to buy apartments. Already, in the capital real estate market, demand exceeds supply by almost six times.

In this regard, many developers reduce prices for apartments, as well as offer various promotions and discounts. Already, the discount amount has reached 30%, while a couple of years ago it was no more than 10%.

Therefore, the prices of new buildings today are almost equal to the prices of secondary housing, and in some cases, primary housing is even cheaper.

Owners of "secondary housing" are reluctant to make concessions to customers and are in no hurry to lower prices, so they can not sell their apartments for several years. Many apartment sellers hope that the crisis will pass, and the demand for metropolitan real estate will begin to grow again with prices.

Real estate professionals do not share such sentiments and believe that housing prices will only fall. The reason for this, many believe the financial instability of the Russians.

Therefore, developers began to lower prices for new buildings in order to somehow revive the market. Today, the price of new buildings has dropped to its lowest levels. Last year, the minimum apartment price was 190 thousand rubles per square meter.

Some new buildings sell without repair, so the price is minimal. However, to make an apartment renovation in a new building is not a problem today, special companies are engaged in this.

Some developers offer new buildings already finished and ready for renovation. So the apartment will cost a bit more expensive, but buyers will save time and effort. No need to hire people, procure materials, etc. In addition, developers buy building materials in bulk, so repair from them will be cheaper than if you do it yourself.

However, even despite all these tricks, buyers no longer become. This has also influenced the quality of construction. Some buyers began to complain about new buildings.

Many prefer to buy property abroad than in Moscow. In addition, prices are about the same, often foreign real estate even cheaper than Moscow. It is no coincidence that Moscow is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world.

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