The principle of the online cash register

Innovation in retail requires vendors to use a fiscal data operator. Legislation involves online transfer of checks to the tax service of the Russian Federation. To meet the new requirements, the seller is required to purchase a special cash register.

What are the differences between online cash registers and simple CCPs?

The device is primarily connected to the Internet, providing instant online transfer of checks to the TSC. In this case, the buyer can get a copy of the check on a mobile phone or email address immediately after purchase. The proposed devices are endowed with the function of printing a QR code and have a fiscal drive. As well as POS-terminals – full-fledged cash registers equipped with a receipt printer, monitor and keyboard, suitable for businesses of any size.

Given the flow of customers, for the correct selection of a suitable device, it is necessary to pay attention to the scale of the shopping facility and the range of goods offered to the buyer.

One ticket office is not enough to fully equip the place of the cashier. For a complete set of equipment you will need to purchase a whole range of goods: scales, a cash drawer, a card terminal.

If the seller intends to engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages, then the outlet must be equipped with a module EGAIS. Cheaply buy a cash terminal equipped with an optimal bundle, help of a free expert will help.

Additionally reduce the cost of the service provided by installments without loans and interest. Deliveries are made in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation.

The amount of costs required for the introduction of new technology in the enterprise depends on a variety of indicators. In addition to design, it is necessary to take into account the type of cash register, the size of the necessary equipment, the desired speed of printing checks, the presence of touch controls and other equipment of the cash register.

How to choose the desired cash register

Our store cash registers offers favorable conditions for the acquisition of equipment for the cash register.

The store catalog presents both simple versions of devices and multifunctional models of terminals. Focusing on the choice of the necessary device options and various budget opportunities, we sell terminals at an affordable price category that are suitable for our customers' businesses.

The cost of the device depends on its functionality and capabilities. For example, the autonomy of the device significantly adds convenience when using it, compared to the stationary model. This device has a built-in battery and is well suited for online stores.

Equipped with a compact terminal, the courier will easily deliver the purchase and pay for the goods on the spot. Many buyers prefer to pay using bank cards, so the purchase of a cash register with a built-in terminal is the best choice for most stores. Endowed with a touch screen cashier greatly simplify the work of the cashier, showing on the screen all the operations performed.

The price of models with different printing speed checks, will also differ from each other. The most powerful devices, issuing daily more than 100 checks, will suit the owners of a large trading business. Increase the cost of cash registers and built-in auto-cutter, as well as the additional possibility of connecting a barcode scanner The function of connecting a cash register to any computer or terminal provides a bright advantage to cash registers with a fiscal registrar.

The wide possibilities of modern cash registers, equipped with many useful additional options, enable the seller to comply with the requirements of the new law, while continuing to carry out its activities. Online cash registers are an improved version of the usual cash registers, which will easily allow the employees of any age to master this technique.

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