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Those who do not like Indian cinema simply never watched good Bollywood movies, where strong guys fight alone with armies, and beautiful girls win the hearts of the most impregnable men with one wave of eyelashes. And the latter happens not only in the movies. we found out the secrets of beauty of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood and tell why it is worth listening to them. Aishvaria Rai

Aishvaria Rai – A famous fan of homemade beauty products. She has repeatedly said that she prefers to do makeup rather than buy, so it is not surprising that her favorite cleansing and exfoliating mask is a mixture of chickpea flour, turmeric and milk, and moisturizing – yogurt and cucumber.

once Jacqueline Fernandez, winner of the Asianet Film Awards in the nomination "The most stylish actress of Bollywood," in an interview shared with the journalist the secret of her perfect skin. Everything turned out to be as old as the world. To get rid of swelling, bags under the eyes and puffiness, the actress applies a piece of ice to the problem areas, wrapped in a thin scarf made of soft fabric.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Madhuri Dikshit, whose filmography includes more than 70 works, is famous not only for outstanding acting abilities, but also for luxurious hair, which she cares for indecently simply. Once a week, the actress applies a restoring mask from an equal mixture of olive and castor oils to all hair and scalp, and prefers to use, in our opinion, an explosive, but, judging by the result, extremely effective mixture of mayonnaise and banana.

Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of Anil Kapoor, a Bollywood star of the 1980s and, perhaps, the most famous actor in Indian cinema, is very carefully watching his figure and diet. We can say with confidence that the actress was very successful in this matter. According to her recent revelations, the point is the right start to the day. Waking up in the morning, Sonam drinks a glass of warm water with honey and lime juice, which gives her energy and strength for the whole day.

Sonam Kapoor

Nargis Fakhri – An American actress of Pakistani-Czech origin has already managed to appear in several Bollywood films and give a couple of impressive interviews to Indian publications. In one of these interviews, the girl admitted that she uses a geothermal mud complex, which is extracted somewhere in New Zealand, as a cleaning mask. In general, once again we are convinced that there is nothing better than a clay or mud mask – with them you can defeat almost any imperfections.

Anushka Sharma, a popular Indian actress, admits that she also loves to make face masks herself. Among the favorites – a mask of nime powder, yogurt, rose water and milk. By the way, neem powder is a very popular remedy in India for inflammation on the skin, acne, pigmentation and oily sheen.

Anushka Sharma

Hema Malini, the star of the most famous Indian film “Zita and Gita” in Russia and an actress with a role of 160 roles, even in her 70s looks excellent and envied by others. She admits that her youth is a merit of luxurious hair, which she takes care of in a "grandmother's" way. So, write down the recipe for the perfect mop from Hema Malini: mix coconut oil with amla oil (for shine), tulasi (treats damaged hair, removes dandruff) and neem (helps hair growth), and apply massage onto the hair and scalp with massage movements.

Actress and winner of the Miss World 2000 contest Priyanka Chopra, like all Indian women, loves to let her eyes down, but she does it in a very special way. In her arsenal there are no familiar pencils and liners; as an eyeliner, the beauty uses a mixture of soot and eucalyptus. We don’t dare to judge whether Chopra practices such an exotic make-up hack so far, but the star is definitely not looking for easy ways.

Priyanka Chopra


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