The surgeon implanted an implant into the patient's brain, being from him at a distance of 3,000 km

On Saturday, March 16, in the Chinese city of Sanya, a surgeon performed a remote brain surgery on a patient using a 5G network. The patient during the operation was from the surgeon at a distance of 3,000 km, according to the portal CGTN.

The operation was conducted by Dr. Lin Zhipei from the main hospital of the People’s Liberation Army of China in Hainan. The procedure lasted about three hours. The doctor managed the operation using a 5G computer.

Screenshot / New China TV /

First, Lin connected to the screens installed in the operating room of a patient with Parkinson's disease. By manipulating the surgical instruments with micron accuracy on a computer, the surgeon inserted a chip in the patient’s brain to stimulate the brain.

“I feel good,” said the patient after the operation.

“I work alternately in Beijing and Hainan, this operation took place during my stay in Hainan. A patient with Parkinson’s disease in Beijing needed an operation and could not fly to Hainan, ”said Lin.

Screenshot / New China TV /

He noted that the use of 5G technology in the operation made it possible to operate in real time without video lag and delays in remote control.

"You almost do not feel that the patient is at a distance of 3,000 kilometers."

Screenshot / New China TV /

This is not the first operation of Chinese doctors using 5G technology. A week earlier, in the hospital of the city of Shenzhen, a complex operation was performed on the patient's liver, which is 2 200 km away from the surgeon.

The operation was too complicated for the local doctors, so they turned for help to a famous surgeon from Beijing. Due to the large bandwidth and high reliability of the 5G Internet transmission, the doctor was able to successfully perform the operation in real time.

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