The unique Ferrari 599 goes under the hammer for a ridiculous amount. »GoGetNews news

In the Chinese city of Dongguan, the cheapest Ferrari 599 in the world has been found. For a fully serviceable supercar, only $ 250 is requested.

Previously, this car became a party to the accident, and the driver threw it and fled the scene. Later it turned out that this Ferrari 599 is not only uninsured, but not even registered. Local police had to pick up the Ferrari, then to put up for auction as scrap metal.

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Together with the car, the future owner will receive a bunch of unpaid parking fines in the amount of $ 1,400. But even if there is a buyer for this Ferrari 599, it will not be able to legally register a car for use. Because of the status of "scrap metal" supercar can only become a jewel of someone's collection.

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