The United States threatened Brussels with consequences if he would promote his defense projects

The United States has warned the European Union that its current defense plans threaten decades of integration of the transatlantic defense industry and military cooperation within NATO.

This is stated in the Pentagon’s letter to the EU leadership on May 1, the contents of which became known to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

It is reported that the letter is overflowing with more or less veiled threats of political and economic repression, if Brussels will continue to try to promote European projects to develop weapons with the participation of other countries, not necessarily the United States.

The letter came shortly after the European Parliament on April 18 gave preliminary consent to the creation of the European Defense Fund.

In addition, the United States opposes the conditions of the so-called Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) – a program aimed at closer cooperation in the field of security and defense, in which 25 EU member states take part.

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"The United States is deeply concerned about the adoption of regulations on the European Defense Fund and PESCO's general conditions," the letter says.

The regulation allows non-European countries to participate in defense projects, while these projects will be exclusively in European intellectual property. Participation in the PESCO projects at the same time requires the unanimous agreement of all the program participants, in connection with which Washington fears that in this way the United States may be excluded from participation.

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