The Washington Post calculated how many times Trump lied in almost a thousand days of presidency

The tendency of US President Donald Trump to an excessive amount of unwarranted boasting and outright lies continued at a rapid pace.

As of August 5, on his 928th day in office, he made 12019 false or misleading statements, according to Fact Checker from the Washington Post, which analyzes, classifies, and tracks every suspicious statement made by the president. U.S.A.

The newspaper notes that Trump crossed the mark of 10 thousand such statements on April 26, and since then this figure has increased by an average of 20 questionable statements per day. Since the beginning of his presidency, this is about 13 such statements per day.

About a fifth of these statements relate to immigration. In fact, his most repeated statement – 190 times – is that his border wall is being built. Congress refused to finance the specific barrier that it represented, so it tried to designate the fencing and repair of existing barriers as a "wall."

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False or misleading statements about trade, the economy, and the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential campaign account for about 10 percent of the total. Claims on these issues are also among the most repeated.

Trump falsely stated 186 times that the US economy is the best in history today. In 166 cases, he claimed that the United States “lost” money due to a trade deficit. This reflects a basic misunderstanding of the economy. Countries do not “lose” money due to trade deficits. A trade deficit simply means that people in one country buy more goods from another country than people in a second country buy from the first country. The trade deficit also depends on macroeconomic factors such as currency, economic growth, as well as savings and investment rates.

Trump mistakenly said 162 times that he introduced the biggest tax cut in US history.

The president’s continued merit on Twitter also adds to these metrics. More than 18 percent of false or misleading statements he published on a social network.

Trump's propensity to repeat false statements is confirmed by the fact that more than 300 cases were registered in the Fact Checker database in which he repeated a version of the same requirement at least three times.

Even though Trump's statements without facts are spreading, there is evidence that his approach is failing.

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