The West must draw a “red line" for Russia

The international community needs to establish for Russia a clear framework of unacceptable behavior and monitor their compliance.

About this in an article for Fox News write British MP Nicholas Soames and former CIA agent Daniel Hoffman. “Prevention without serious political measures with an incentive to change the unfriendly behavior of Russia only encourage more aggressive actions. The West is running out of time to draw the red line and enforce it through intelligence, diplomatic and economic measures that will allow Ukraine to curb Russian aggression, ”the material says.

The authors note that "the Kremlin is behaving more and more as an aggressive and dangerous rogue state than as a member of the international community."

“The United States and its allies should begin full-scale public pressure, including within Russia, to expose Putin’s insidious Ukrainian policies, which have so negatively affected the economic situation in Russia and the region,” say Soames and Hoffman.

In their conviction, democracy, especially in the countries of the former USSR, poses an “existential threat” to Putin. “Nothing threatens the security of the Putin regime more than Ukraine – a democratic neighbor with a bright economic future and a significant Russian-speaking population,” the article says.

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Given this, Putin is trying in every way to hinder the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. “In the near future, Putin wants to make sure that Ukraine is so politically fragmented and territorially fragmented that membership in the EU and NATO will not even be discussed. In the long run, he sees the destruction of Ukraine as a state. Putin doesn’t want to have a successful democracy next door that will serve as a symbol of hope and inspire his own political opponents, deprived of basic civil liberties, such as freedom of speech and assembly, ”the article concludes.

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