To protect against obesity, children must be weighed from the age of two

Researchers urge to put children on scales as early as possible. Otherwise, it will be too late.Every baby needs to be weighed regularly, starting at the age of two, because it will help to cope with the obesity epidemic. This conclusion was reached by experts from the universities of Oxford and Manchester. They emphasize that modern children most often begin to weigh after they enroll in primary school, and more regularly – after 11 years. However, modern statistics show that it is already too late, since by this age more than 20% of British children are overweight.

That is why the researchers calculated the ideal age for the start of regular weighing, which was two years. As soon as the parents notice that the child becomes overweight, they will have enough time to intervene and change the situation. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to weigh the children every day, or every month – it is enough to do this only a couple of times a year. It should also be remembered that the children’s body is surprisingly plastic, kids quickly gain extra weight, but they quickly get rid of it if they spend enough time on active activities.

In the UK, almost half a million children under the age of 11 are obese. Experts say that this will lead to a whole explosion of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer in the future. However, many parents do not consider overweight or obesity of a child a big problem, because they believe that the kids will grow out of this.



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