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We talk about the most unusual trends in the beauty of this year.

In addition to the usual advice, what kind of scrubs and tonal resources should be purchased in 2019, we offer a list of beauty-trends that will help add to your beauty-schedule an element of unusual and varied.



Micronidling, or, in a scientific way, collagen induction therapy, uses a special tool – dermapen. At its end are thin needles that pierce the topmost layer of skin. Dermarollers are also used in micronidling – tools with a roller nozzle, seated with similar thin needles, producing exactly the same operation with your skin, but smoother and all over the surface at once. You probably had a well-grounded question: for the sake of what are all these tricks, and even with needles?

Version of the model derpamen

The whole essence of this therapeutic procedure comes down to two things. First, piercing the skin layer, the needles create the so-called microchannels, which contribute to a deeper penetration and absorption of care products, and hence the best effect from their use. Secondly, such massive acupuncture involves the regenerative processes of your skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The result: its compaction, the alignment of areas with defects – scars, wrinkles, wide pores, as well as improved microcirculation.

Demonstration micronidling in the clinic of aesthetic cosmetology.

However, this procedure requires absolute sterility of the space and the instrument itself, so if you decide to try micronidling on yourself, we advise you to take a preliminary consultation with a dermatologist and prefer the cosmetology clinic to your own walls.

Facial tools

In 2019, there is a significant update in terms of ways of investing in beauty: a variety of facial tools – technologically advanced devices for facial care at home – go to the fore. Dermarollers and devices for massage are the main leaders in their ranks.

ReFa CARAT RAY: special massaging movements help strengthen and tighten the skin.Gold Sculpting Bar by Jillian Dempsey: equipped with a functional with a vibration system like massage movements; Sculptures and tightens the skin.

Another innovation is mobile applications that will greatly facilitate the process of skin care, starting with help to combat acne or hyperpigmentation and ending with the selection of care products that your skin needs here and now – all of this taking into account almost all microdefects.

Neutrogena Skin360 SkinScanner: conducts a detailed analysis of skin areas and forms specific recommendations based on it. Ampoules

The global trend is that the trend for long-term results, or the “sustainability trend”, begins to penetrate into all spheres – be it fashion or beauty. In the latter, both the quality of the substance of the product and its packaging become important. In this regard, ampoules come into their legitimate trend rights, since they fully satisfy both criteria.

The advantage of ampoules compared to conventional sera lies in their sealed packaging, which is capable of long and properly preserving the beneficial properties of highly concentrated components of the ampoule – glycolic acid, vitamin C and many others (read also: "Beauty elixirs of the 21st century: about the benefits and" life hacking "in the application of ampoule cosmetics").

This trend is no longer a novelty for women in Korea: it was they who were the first to set an example of how to invest in a long-term project under the slogan "young and healthy skin." So acquaintance with ampoules will definitely become a promising item in your beauty plan.


Korean make-up

The influence of Korean beauty practitioners has already stepped so far and wide that it is simply impossible not to mention it in any article on beauty thematics (read also: “Korean cosmetics: a revolution in home care”). Although most often Korean cosmetics are talked about in the context of skin care, this time we’ll talk about decorative products.

In 2019, Korean women will focus on the allocation of areas of the lips or eyes. In order to keep up with the ever-young residents of Korea, we try on ourselves the fruit shades of lipsticks with the effect of brilliance: they are perfect for both cold and warm days. Living Coral ambiguous in its seasonal affiliation, which will be the first color trend throughout 2019, gives it every right.

Anna Sui RTW SS19Giorgio Armani RTW SS19

Another Korean make-up trend is eyelids decorated with glitter in mono-color. In priority, silver or gold, although bronze may be a more versatile option. In any case, it is not worth putting a lot of it on: a light over-the-eye shine will be quite enough to become the star of any event. A softer option is a colored eyeliner: for example, purple, pink, yellow or even green. It will turn out brightly, but not unduly catchy (do not forget that a good half of the responsibility for the success of the image also falls on your fashion decision).

Christian Siriano SS19Gabriela Hearst SS19Simone Rocha RTW SS19Givenchy Haute Couture SS1990s are coming

The spirit of disco and excellent parties returns this year not only to the podiums, but also to everyday reality (read also: “Generation X: trends from the 90s, which we will wear in 2019”). From uniquely falling into beauty trends-2019 and meeting the spirit of the rave decade of the last century – brown lipstick, matte skin with a dense, even tone. Glossy gloss, deep red or matte shades on the lips are also welcome. It is with such success that the solid “color” organizes a counterattack on natural nude and bare skin.

Sadie Williams SS19Bottega Veneta F18Vintage

This year, your creativity will serve you a long-awaited service: in 2019, do not hold back your conceptual impulses and try to embody the most original of them.

Ambitious, bold images with a historical halo – this is what comes to the fore the beauty agenda of this year. Festival mood will be more alive than all living things: now you can decorate your bows with numerous applied elements and decorative designs without thinking.

Brandon Maxwell NYFW, February 9, 2019Christian Siriano NYFW, February 9, 2019

In other words, vintage begins to slowly go from the windows of rare and little known shops and stroll through the streets of big cities, and with it the vintage make-up, significantly expanding the territory of its “distribution” (on the body, hair, and even nails).


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