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Toyota has promised the most powerful version of the RAV4 in history. And the TRD division will not have anything to do with it: the novelty will remain an ordinary crossover.

The concern has so far published only a preliminary image of the future most powerful RAV4 model in the lineup and slightly hinted at its essence: the hybrid modification will occupy the top position among all available versions of the world’s best seller.

Currently, the most powerful version is just a hybrid and is considered. Its power plant based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, which is assisted by two electric motors, develops 222 hp. Accordingly, we cannot exclude the possibility that Toyota has taken the path of modernizing this particular unit.

For example, the concern’s engineers could replace regular nickel-metal hydride batteries with lithium-ion ones, simultaneously increasing the efficiency of electric motors. Perhaps, thereby, the power plant capacity will reach 250 hp, but no specific figures have been given yet.

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As far as one can judge by the teaser, the main differences of this version will be the special color of the Supersonic Red body, as well as a slightly modified design of the front end. The crossover received vertical running lights, a different grille, modified bumper plastic and light chrome accents.

The most powerful Toyota RAV4 modification should debut on November 20 as part of press days at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. Note that the “Ravchik” already has a “hardcore” version from the TRD division, but the announced new product will be sold, apparently, without any mention of tuning and improvements.

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