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Toyota shared information about its new modular platform, which, apparently, will form the basis of several subcompact models of the brand.

The new architecture was designated GA-B and, unlike the “older” version of GA-C (for example, Toyota Corolla and the C-HR crossover are built on it), it is oriented towards more compact models. True, both of these platforms are rooted in TNGA.

The design of the platform is based on the principle of scalability: the size of the wheelbase, gauge and ground clearance can vary as necessary. This, in theory, should allow Toyota designers to create cars with any body type on the basis of the new “trolley”.

And, possibly, by different types of drive: direct future all-wheel drive novelties on this base are not mentioned by Toyota, but it’s known about the possibility to choose the type of rear suspension. If McPherson non-alternative racks are installed on the front axle, then both the elastic beam and the multi-link can be used on the rear axle. The latter solution, in theory, gives engineers the opportunity to implant a rear axle coupling. By the way, a similar solution was used on some versions of the Volkswagen MQB platform.

In addition, the creators of the platform said that it will provide an unforgettable driving experience. The design provides for an optimized arrangement of the driver’s workplace (close to the center of mass) and the steering wheel, short overhangs of the body and the like.

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There are, by the way, reasonable suspicions that the platform is prepared for hybrid power plants: the battery pack may well be placed under the rear sofa. About which particular models will be built on the basis of GA-B are also not yet officially announced, but among the applicants are the new generation of the Yaris hatchback and a small crossover – the “younger brother” of C-HR.

In favor of the latter hypothesis, the confirmed Toyota plan says to put on the conveyor of a joint venture with Mazda in Alabama a kind of all-terrain vehicle – perhaps a production version of the FT-4X concept.

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